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Newport Coast Smog Diagnostics | Chevy Suburban

949-478-0559 Saddleback Auto Repair is the smog diagnostics shop for the Newport Coast area. We work on all Chevy models including the popular Suburban. We all know that uncomfortable feeling you get when you open up your DMV registration packet and the words "Smog Test Required" are staring you in the face. But if you want to legally register and drive your car in California, you must comply with the law. Failure to comply can result in steep fines and if you neglect to register your vehicle, the price you pay is worse. Saddleback Auto Repair is dedicated to helping motorists pass the California smog check emissions test. Let the professionals at Saddleback Auto Repair put your Suburban through the required tests at an affordable and efficient rate. Call us today at 949-478-0559 for a free quote.

The Chevy Suburban has withstood the test of time as the longest automobile nameplate still in production since 1935. For the 2010 model year, US News and World Report ranked the Suburban as the number one affordable large SUV. At Saddleback Auto Repair, we use the most advanced diagnostic testing equipment for precise results. We're electronically connected to the DMV and will send your certificate to them immediately. All you have to do is send in your registration fee. We make smog diagnostics and all types of auto repair easy for you. Whether your Suburban needs a smog check or brakes repairs, see us first. If you live or work in the Newport Coast 92657 area call us today at 949-478-0559 to schedule an appointment.

Smog Certification Newport Coast

949-478-0559 Saddleback Auto Repair provides fast smog certification in Newport Coast. At Saddleback Auto Repair, we take the drudgery out of obtaining a smog certificate by making the process smooth and efficient. The DMV requires a smog certificate every other year for vehicles manufactured prior to 1998. Vehicles manufactured after 1998 must pay a smog abatement fee, but the DMV will inform you accordingly. If you want to legally register and drive your car in California you must comply with the law. Don't take a chance by postponing your vehicle's smog certification. The penalties accrue quickly and aren't cheap. Saddleback Auto Repair is licensed by the state of California and we provide fast and efficient smog certifications. Call us today at 949-478-0559 for more information.

Our diagnostic equipment is bona fide and maintained by our ASE Certified Master Technicians. We will do our best to ensure that your vehicle passes the test but in the event your car doesn't pass, we have the capability to make any necessary repairs. The DMV requires that you make any necessary repairs to your vehicle and prove that it passes smog certification before they will allow you to register your car. We're a full service auto repair facility offering all types of auto repair from smog repairs and tune-ups to brake repairs. If you live or work in the Newport Coast 92657 area call us today for an immediate appointment or stop by and see us.