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Newport Beach-Saddleback Smog Testing

949-478-0559 Call Newport Beach-Saddleback Auto Repair when you need Smog Testing in the Newport Beach or Saddleback area, no appointment is necessary. If you want to legally register your vehicle and drive it in California, the law requires that you submit to Smog testing every other year if your vehicle was manufactured before 1998. The DMV will let you know in your registration notice if you need to have a Smog test. At Newport Beach-Saddleback Auto Repair, we make the process as easy and as painless as possible. We are electronically connected directly to the DMV and will send your certificate to them immediately. While you wait for your test to be completed, feel free to enjoy our spacious and comfortable customer lounge complete with free Internet access. Bring your laptop or Wi-Fi enabled device and enjoy the wait or get some work done. See us first for affordable and quick smog testing, auto electrical repairs, and your entire auto repair needs. Call us today at 949-478-0559 for an immediate appointment.

Smog Repairs Newport Beach-Saddleback

949-478-0559 Newport Beach-Saddleback Auto Repair is the smog repairs experts in the Saddleback or Newport Beach area call for an appointment. If your vehicle doesn't pass its Smog test, you are required by law to make any necessary repairs in order for the vehicle to be properly registered. Let the professionals at Newport Beach-Saddleback Auto Repair get you back on the road quickly and legally. We are a certified Smog test and Smog repair facility. Our ASE Certified Technicians utilize the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the industry to help them repair your vehicle when it fails a Smog test. Whether your vehicle tested at another facility and failed or you need an initial inspection, call us today at 949-478-0559.

Your car can fail a Smog test for a variety of reasons. The catalytic converter could be malfunctioning, the fuel injectors could be improperly performing, or the engine's oxygen sensor could be worn out. We are fully equipped and specifically trained to make the required repairs to get your car running clean again. Our rates are more affordable than your dealership and most other repair shops in the area. We provide honest, efficient, and quality work day after day. Whether you need Smog repairs, or electrical repairs, we're the perfect choice for all of your auto repair needs. Call us today at 949-478-0559 to schedule an appointment.