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Costa Mesa Suspension Repairs | Dodge Ram 1500

(714) 375-2661 Auto Repair Ford Newport Beach is the Suspension expert in the Costa Mesa area. We work on all Domestic and Foreign vehicles including Dodge Ram 1500. We have nearly two decades of suspension repair experience making us the most qualified repair facility in the area. Most of our suspension repairs are fortified with our much-heralded 12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty. That's how confident we are in the high standards we have set for all of our repair work. We want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of our work from our knowledgeable and caring service, to the parts we use and the work we perform. If your Dodge Ram 1500 is giving you an unusually rough ride, call us today at (714) 375-2661 to speak with one of our service professionals.

The Dodge Ram 1500 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride by incorporating a suspension system that utilizes multi-link coils, improved shock absorbers, and a fully boxed hydroformed frame. If your Dodge Ram's suspension is feeling "spongy" or it's not holding a payload like it should, stop by and see the experts at Auto Repair Ford Newport Beach for a complete and thorough suspension system inspection. When we repair your suspension system we use only high quality parts for a correct and accurate auto repair. If you live or work in the 92626, 92627, or 92628 areas, and need suspension work or a brake repair, call us today at (714) 375-2661 for an immediate appointment.

Auto Alignment Costa Mesa

(714) 375-2661 Auto Repair Ford Newport Beach is the Auto Alignment specialist for all models including the Dodge Ram 1500 in Costa Mesa. We are equipped to perform specialized auto alignment. Our hi-tech alignment system is the most advanced alignment system in the industry. The Hunter Alignment Rack gives our ASE Certified Master Technicians precise computerized measurements for exact ride height and wheel position. The days of guesswork are long gone allowing us to align your vehicle precisely according to factory specifications. Call us today at (714) 375-2661 for a free quote.

If your vehicle is veering to one side when you let go of the steering wheel, then it's time to visit the Auto Repair Ford Newport Beach for a wheel alignment. Most people think that you only need a wheel alignment when you get new tires. We recommend your vehicle should be aligned whenever it needs one, especially if you are noticing uneven tire wear. Proper wheel alignment will give your tires prolonged life, better performance, and better fuel economy. Whether you need an alignment or electrical repair, see us first. We have free shuttle service and a comfortable waiting area complete with free internet access for your convenience. If you live or work in the 92626, 92627, or 92628 areas, call us today at (714) 375-2661 to schedule an appointment.